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Migrating to Slurm

This page describes list of steps that are commonly needed to migrate from SGE to Slurm.

🕸 This section is deprecated and will be removed soon.


  • Use #SBATCH instead of #$ in your job scripts for resource definitions.
  • Update your resource requirements parameters from SGE to Slurm using the Slurm Rosetta Stone.
  • Unset environment variable DRMAA_LIBRARY_PATH and remove from your ~/.bashrc, job scripts, etc.
  • Use ${SLURMD_NODENAME-${HOSTNAME}} instead of $HOSTNAME in your ~/.bashrc file.

These steps are explained in detail below.


Slurm uses #SBATCH as the line marker at the head of your script file.

So instead of

#$ -N my_job

You now use

#SBATCH --job-name my_job

Use Slurm Parameters

Of course, the Slurm scheduler parameters differ from the SGE ones. So you also have to use Slurm syntax instead of SGE syntax (e.g., swich from -N to -J/--job-name as show in the previous section). The page Slurm Rosetta Stone provides you with a translation table.


For SGE, it was necessary to define the environment variable DRMAA_LIBRARY_PATH and the old document told you to put this into your ~/.bashrc file. You should remove the setting from your file.

To check the results, you can use echo $DRMAA_LIBRARY_PATH in your shell.

You can use unset DRMAA_LIBRARY_PATH to remove the environment variable from your current shell session.

Limitations of the Slurm DRMAA Library

We are using an installation of the natefoo Slurm DRMAA library fork. The library does not implement all srun/sbatch arguments and syntax. Most notably, you can only specify resourc requirements as numbers in megabytes (without units) and running time as hh:mm. Note that you cannot specify the --export command and the behaviour will default to --export=ALL.

srun does not re-run ~/.bashrc on the login node

This means that the value of $HOSTNAME will remain the one on the login node, for example. You can fix this by replacing $HOSTNAME by ${SLURMD_NODENAME-${HOSTNAME}} in your ~/.bashrc.

Last update: January 6, 2022